Monday, November 2, 2009


Leftover pairings? It's all because they feel that their favourite characters deserve someone as well. When you say that a boyxgirl pairing is sick, think again. Ironically you worship yaoi (boyxboy) and maybe yuri (girlxgirl). LOLX who is more sick? I DETEST YOU TO THE CORE! B*tch.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


The most epic classic of all times;
The most heartbreaking & touching lines;
Orihime & Ichigo from Bleach.

(Not that I am their fan, but it's just TOO epic.
Note: I am always a ULQUIHIME big fan! =D)Blockquote

"Ichigo... There was a lot of things I wanted to do."

"If only I had 5 lives…"

"Then I could be from 5 different towns;"

"And stuff myself with 5 lifetimes worth of food and have 5 different jobs..."

"And I could... fall in love with the same person 5 times."

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I wana ask,


It is really very unfair.

If I don't, I am a b*tch hurting your feelings.
Alternatively, if I do, I'd be a shameless b*tch.
Either way I am one, because you have already see it this way!
Nevertheless, you have indirectly pushed me down into the outcast-ism spiral.

I am an outcast, for there will definitely be people whom you know, around me.
I will never be able to escape... from this past.
I will try my best to serve my destiny, if it is what it is.

天啊~ *昏*

OMG please don't slack anymore...
Let me find my MOTIVATION and start the battle NOW!
I can't lose this war!!

Even if I can't finish it now,
as long as I start right this moment,
and move on consistently though slowly,
I will be able to reap success. :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

You don't belong to me; no more.

Once we were close,
then you forgot my name.

Once only some could call you,
then all could call you.

Once we were friends,
then we are still friends,
but close no more.

Once I liked everything,
then I like nothing.

I am leaving.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Please don't make me look back.

I feel pathetic after my memories rewinded.
I am reminded of what a failure I am.

"Sorry to you, and sorry to me."

Sunday, September 13, 2009

过去。。。 真的是这样吗?






Thursday, August 20, 2009


Just to share two horoscope readings that were accurate.

You have been lacking a little bit of focus when it comes to love, Capricorn, and you are going through a period where this focus is resumed. If you are attached, you can develop some big plans and proposals that will bring your relationship the progress that it needs. If it feels unattainable, do not let this weigh you down, as you know that with a little perseverance and hard work, your vision will come to fruition. Single? You may discover today that what you really want is much different than what you thought you wanted. Do not get dragged down by time wasted, but rather use that experience to learn from your mistakes and move through them, not against them.

A relative will express disappointment at your attitude. At work, you'll show great drive and this could lead to excellent business deals or worthy acquisitions. Love wise, you'll feel uneasy because of certain memories surfacing.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I know.

*Just ignore me, thanks.

I understand now.
I am truly sorry and guilty for being such a b*tch.
I know I am.

I didn't play or betray your feelings;
I merely had none for you.
My life is of no change, be it with or without you.
Perhaps yours may be different with me.

I am not trying to defend myself.
But I just want to say - the truth.

I know you aren't sorry, but I am.
But then again, who are you to say that;
when you are the one who 'betrayed' with your multiple crushes?
You never told me anything - you never confirmed your feelings.
How am I, a girl, supposed to comprehend and confess
(if you wanted me to)?
Nothing can be done, so I am leaving it. Right?

I will be like you too - move on with life and never looking back.
If I can, I will.

My feelings are so distorted; so unlike me.

*Only applies if you are referring to me.
See, I don't even know if it is.

Monday, August 3, 2009

You betrayed my trust.

Haha, one whole emo post.
Misunderstanding is cleared; all my fault for being so immature.
I should mature somehow... I will do so definitely this year :)

Thanks for all your love, for you-know-who-you-are-peeps.
Parents and brothers, thank you for everything you've given me!

Should I leave for sure? I should.
Life is really meaningless, for me.
Ha ha ha.

Sunday, August 2, 2009






Sunday, July 26, 2009

Minutes to the next day!

Just found out that they have all moved on...
DaiSuki, Rena and probably everyone else;
they are all leading their fulfilling lives - without me.
On the contrary, there is no meaning in my worthless life.
How ironic, and yet usual as expected.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I can't control myself, I just love...

Just some rantings of the heart in this long night.


It is moments like this, when I am thinking of you -
whether you are thinking of me.
Hah, but we all know that is impossible.

Are you still wide awake like me?
Still, jiayou in whatever you do! ^^

See you tomorrow =D
Remember to wave~!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

I am back to the old times.

Admin matters:
Chem Corrections

Chinese Oral Preparation;
-> Listen to podcasts at MLG
-> Memorise phrases
-> Read conversation notes

On Friday, I have returned to the reality of my old life.
It totally sucks as usual and as expected.
No one; not even the teachers, realised I was appearing.
I am still the same outcast; the same invisible extra being.

No one wants to hear me of my overflowing thoughts for ICP.
It was perhaps so irrelevant and uninteresting to them.
But to me, it is something I will never experience again.

And to my heart who has been undergoing incoherent turmoils,
please stop this torture of my feelings...

My heart feels love, but my head knows better.
It will never be possible - now and forever.
Just let my heart say 'I love you',
and my head to stop me later on.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

It'd be difficult to forget.

International Confederation of Principals 2009, Singapore

(I am so proud to be involved in this.)

This three-days is one of the most happiest moments in my life.
(Good luck, Bonded friends, Great teachers, Meaningful event. How better can it get?)

Finally, I made a difference - to get involved internationally.
Finally, I am on a good luck streak - with everything ever running smoothly.
Finally, I see nothing but people's qualities - no more ~!@#$%^&* people around me.
Finally, I found something greater than school - bonding, participation, learning and air-con~
Finally, I can believe in my social abilities - able to talk to anyone and everyone and vice versa.
Finally, they are the days that I look forward to and hope they never end.

Finally, but finally, all good things come to an end.
I can't believe it! I will miss whatever that we did so much!
Almost nothing in life can replace this.

[P.S Schooling will rock if I can study with the teachers and friends in that room, seriously and honestly speaking. Everything just rocks in these three days! Enough said.]

Don't ever let me forget too.
This is something I want to keep with me as I walk on.
Perhaps I may never have the luck to feel like this again.

ICP 2009, you rock my life.
Thanks for giving me these three days of complete happiness.

Monday, June 22, 2009


I am back from shopping :)
I've spent about $80 including food etc...
And I got a GREEN contour glass cup from Mac! =D
(I didn't chose it, I think it's the only color left =X)
Anyway, all the more it proves my fate for GREEN~~
WAHAHA. Okay here's what I've bought:
-->3 pairs of long earrings [$5]
-->1 black star jacket [$10]
-->2 cartoon t-shirts [$20]
-->1 multi-colored shorts [$9]
-->2 Cotton On shorts [$30]
-->1 pair of light green shoelaces [$1.90]

BUT BUT BUT - I didn't manage to buy any posters in the end T_T
I was looking for FFX's Rikku, but Comics Connection don't have =(
I might consider the Bleach's Ulquiorra though.
I didn't see any Black Cat or Higurashi also.

Below is a heartwarming ending note by a fanfiction author XD
What she said is true enough :)


LOL, thanks for reading my fic everyone.
And for supporting me always.
That is why I love all of you.

And someday, I wish that each of you can find your one Jaejoong who can take care of you.

One who can never bear to see you cry.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tomorrow is another day.

My parents will be in Malaysia till tomorrow night.
Going without me to prevent any hassle for my summer test.
Shall I take the chance to sleep in the air-con room? XD

And I finally found someone to go out with me~
I'm going out with Shi Ting tomorrow! =P
Here's a list of items that I must purchase:
-->DBSK posters & anime posters (Comics Connection)
-->Jacket (most likely I.P Zone)
-->Shorts (Cotton On: 2 for $30, 1 for $5)
-->School shoes & light green shoelaces
+++ any other favourites coming on the shopping =D


Sometimes, I wonder; so many days without DaiSuki,
how did I manage to survive so miraculously?
When I jolly well know I haven't let go.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I was just watching DBSK's Mirotic dance version. XD
Came across this comment which is super funny;
"which music video do you like best from DBSK?"

I'd say "Mirotic"
"Cause most of them don't have shirts *drool*"
"Uh huh...."
"They have ninjas as back-up dancers ♥"
But I agree with it yah. =P
In my heart, DBSK is the NUMBER ONE! =D
They can sing, they can dance and they are one.
Everything's so perfect! (Just like Hero Jaejoong =X)
Give them a chance, and I think you will be able to think so too.

DBSK Mirotic Official MV (English Subs)
DBSK Mirotic Official Dance Version

One more bonus ^.^
Hero Jaejoong's uber cute expression!! *obsessed*
Watch from 2:17 to 2:20~ (Hehe I think he felt awkward =P)

Monday, June 15, 2009

DBSK Update!

Before I start the DBSK update,
here's a sample of the plushie I wanted!
Hehe, Kurone the Black Cat =D
Please get me one if you see it in the streets ^^
Super Kawaii~~


In case you don't know,
YH - Jung Yun Ho (U-Know)
CM - Shim Chang Min (Max)
JJ - Kim Jae Joong (Hero)
YC - Park Yoo Chun (Micky)
JS - Kim Jun Su (Xiah)

( ) are my reactions XD


1. What did you dream of yesterday?
YH: I can’t remember
CM: Didn’t dream
JJ: Can’t remember (Sometimes it's like that...)
YC: I didn’t dream (Yep that's the best!)
JS: I didn’t dream

2. What’s the first thing you see in the morning?
YH: Hand phone
CM: Manager’s face
JJ: Manager’s smiling face (Maybe he's the one who wakes you and see your handsome face everyday ^^)
YC: Hand phone (Do you use it as an alarm clock?)
JS: Manager’s face

3. What do you feel like doing most right now?
YH: Snowboarding
CM: Travelling
JJ: Jogging (Understandable.)
YC: Fishing (Interesting...)
JS: Travel

4. What’s your hand phone ringtone?
YH: Hand phone ringtone (T/N: Think he means default ringtone)
CM: Vibration mode
JJ: [Mirotic] (I see ^^)
YC: It’s usually on silent mode (Same!)
JS: [Don’t Say Goodbye]

5. What do you do when you’re alone?
YH: Drive
CM: Read books
JJ: Sleep (Haha same =P)
YC: Roll around at home (Again, interesting ^^)
JS: Drive

6. If you had a week’s holiday, what would you do?
YH: Ski resort
CM: Travel
JJ: Travel alone (Just like the drama Vacation!)
YC: Snowboard (Okay...)
JS: Travel

7. What’s the pride of your room?
YH: Prizes we received
CM: It’s wide
JJ: Sofa (I believe you fell asleep once you reach your room ^^)
YC: Pecha (T/N: No idea what that is either.) (Yeah I don't know what's that...)
JS: The big window where the morning sunlight comes in from

8. What do you do to cheer yourself up when you’re sad?
YH: Dance, exercise
CM: Drive
JJ: Talk a walk (Just like what you will do.)
YC: Drink and talk to my brother (Yep.)
JS: Drive

9. What was your scariest experience so far?
YH: When I fell from the rooftop in my church
CM: When I saw a ghost (T/N: The Junsu? Or the bird? He mentioned it in Bigeastation)
JJ: When I injured my leg during a dance rehearsal (Yeah...)
YC: When I first came to Japan (Hehehe... Care to explain?)
JS: When I heard Changmin sleep talk

10. The last time you cried?
YH: Award ceremony
CM: During a Korean award ceremony
JJ: None (Strong Jae Joong!)
YC: Not really (Yeah...)
JS: A little during a Korean award ceremony

11. When did you feel that you’re really blessed/happy?
YH: When I’m singing on stage
CM: When I’m singing on stage
JJ: Award ceremony (Odd one out...)
YC: When I stand on stage (+ singing?)
JS: When I lie on my bed after a day’s schedule

12. What’s your ideal type?
YH: Someone who’ll only believe in me, an optimistic person
CM: Someone who’s mature, with deep thoughts
JJ: A woman with pretty hands (Yep and toes too!)
YC: A gentle woman (Just like a mother right?)
JS: A bright/cheerful woman

13. Something a female does that makes your heart beat faster?
YH: When she brushes off the dirt/lint on my clothes
CM: When she places her hands on her chest when bowing
JJ: Nothing special, just when I feel she’s feminine (Pretty hands and toes!)
YC: When she’s washing clothes (Not to forget the aprons and tied hair!)
JS: When she places her hands on her chest when bowing

14. What will you give to your girlfriend?
YH: I’ll write a song for her
CM: A bouquet
JJ: I’ll write a song for her (Okay.)
YC: Myself (Great answer ^^)
JS: Necklace

15. What do you want for your next birthday?
YH: Shoes
CM: Car
JJ: Car (So that means you didn't receive it this year...)
YC: Time to spend it with the people I treasure (Understandable ^^)
JS: Holiday

16. If you found a million yen?
YH: Give it to the people in need
CM: Give it to the police
JJ: Give it to the police (Just like the rest ^^)
YC: Save (Odd one out...)
JS: Give it to the police

17. If you were reborn as a girl tomorrow?
YH: Cry my heart out
CM: I want to go to an onsen
JJ: I want to buy clothes! (Haha why?)
YC: I want to go to an onsen (T/N: hot spring) (I don't know why?)
JS: I want to go to an onsen

18. What do you want to say ‘bye-bye’ to?
YH: Injuries
CM: Cold/Flu
JJ: Muscle training (Really? I understand you better now.)
YC: Troubles (Agree ^^)
JS: Everything sad

19. You see a shooting star. What will you wish for?
YH: That time will fly faster. I want to be 30
CM: That my family will be healthy
JJ: That THSK will be a band that receives more love (The devoted Jae Joong!)
YC: Happiness (Yep!)
JS: I want to win the lottery

20. A recent lie you told?
YH: None
CM: I didn’t lie
JJ: None (Maybe not in the recent...)
YC: Saying I wasn’t sick (You're honest ^^)
JS: I can’t remember

21. What left the deepest impression on you in Japan?
YH: Eating at a restaurant with a pretty night view near the Tokyo Tower
CM: Budokan live
JJ: Appearing on [Kouhaku] (I should watch that.)
YC: Budokan live (Just like the rest ^^)
JS: Budokan live

22. Your favourite Japanese food
YH: Motsunabe
CM: Ramen
JJ: Udon (Hey I bought them today!)
YC: Ramen (Didn't know which brand to buy, hehe.)
JS: Natto

23. What food would you recommend that has kimchi in it?
YH: Tuna Kimchi rice
CM: Kimchi fried rice
JJ: Kimchi jjigae (I know that's what you cook best in!)
YC: Kimchi jjigae (T/N: Kimchi stew) (Same as the rest ^^)
JS: Kimchi fried rice

24. Your ‘enemy’ is?
YH: Myself
CM: Junsu
JJ: Myself (Yeah...)
YC: Supper (Huh why?)
JS: Changmin

25. What hair style would you like to try next?
YH: Permed hair
CM: Please give me Jude Law’s hairstyle
JJ: Blue hair (I didn't see that coming... Will you consider green?)
YC: Long and permed hair (Just like the one in Banjun Theatre right?)
JS: Bald

26. A secret you’ve never told anyone
YH: I don’t have anything to say
CM: No comment
JJ: I don’t tell my secrets ^^ (Haha yep that's right!)
YC: Actually, I’m lonely (Yoo Chun, you got tricked.)
JS: None

27. What’s a ‘rumor’ that you found interesting recently?
YH: That the economy will get better
CM: That the ice in the North Pole will melt
JJ: That Changmin has caught a cold (Hehe...)
YC: I’m not interested in them (Yep that's the way!)
JS: Beckham’s AC Milan

28. How do you relieve stress?
YH: Drive
CM: Eat, sleep
JJ: I just blank out (Gosh...)
YC: Supper (Hehe, you're using your 'enemy' to relieve stress?)
JS: Game

29. A recent drama/movie you’ve watched.
YH: [Mamma Mia]
CM: [Hanazakari no Kimitachi e]
JJ: [Ponyo] (Really? Cool!)
YC: [Naruto] (I believe you're an otaku just like me!)
JS: [24]

30. What would you do if you could read minds?
YH: I’d like to know what others think of me
CM: I’ll just read them
JJ: I would be boring if I could read everyone’s mind (Yeah, I understand you now.)
YC: I think I’d be really distressed, and wouldn’t want to meet people (Why?)
JS: Enter FBI

31. When do you feel lonely?
YH: Before I sleep
CM: Before I sleep
JJ: When I’m separated from my members (Yeah of course...)
YC: When we’re on the move after our schedule ends (Agree ^^)
JS: I don’t really feel it

32. The theme song for today is?
YH: [Kiss shitamama sayonara]
CM: [Killing Me Softly]
JJ: [Wasurenaide] (T/N: Please don’t forget) (You composed this song right?)
YC: [Kiss the Baby Sky] (Maybe I should listen to it ^^)
JS: [I Believe I can Fly]

33. The first time you travelled overseas?
YH: Taiwan (T/N: That would be 2004 for the Golden Melody Awards, I think)
CM: Taiwan
JJ: Taiwan in summer 2004 (You're specific ^^)
YC: 1998, America (All Taiwan except for lucky Yoo Chun!)
JS: Taiwan

34. What do you collect?
YH: Card keys (T/N: Hotel card keys?)
JJ: Accessories (Please show your fans your collection one day ^^)
YC: Plastic models from [Gundam Seed] (Hoho Yoo Chun the otaku!)
JS: Beautiful pictures from around the world

35. Who’s the person you want to meet most now?
YH: Obama
CM: Obama
JJ: Monkey King (T/N: Character from [Journey to the West], Sun Wu Kong, or Son Oh Kong in Korean) (Hehe... Why?)
YC: Santa Claus (I understand ^^)
JS: Jesus

36. Which animal do you think you resemble?
YH: Tiger
CM: Deer
JJ: Cat (Same, or wolf for me.)
YC: Polar bear (Why? But they're very huggable!)
JS: Hyena

37. Truthfully, what’s your fetish?
YH: Voice
CM: Feeling
YC: Pretty nails. Not really magnificent things.. (I thought that should be Jae Joong's...)
JJ: Forehead (Really? I should cut my fringe again...)
JS: Hands

38. What do you buy unintentionally at convenience stores?
YH: Milk
CM: Hot lemon juice
JJ: Health drinks (Health-conscious Jae Joong!)
YC: Donuts (Which flavor? Or all?)
JS: Fried chicken

39. Where do you start washing your body from in the bathroom?
YH: Hair
CM: Face
JJ: Chest (Hmm...)
YC: Right arm (Okay ^^)
JS: Hair

40. When were you most embarrassed?
YH: When many people saw me fall
CM: When I fell in front of many people
JJ: During my audition (I understand now...)
YC: When I fell in front of people (Yep of course ^^)
JS: When I was in 1st grade of elementary school, I went with my mum to the ladies section of the public bath and saw my female classmate…

41. Which part of the body do you first notice when you meet someone?
YH: Eyes
CM: Clothes
JJ: Nothing in particular, but I would notice how they pose (I shall pay attention to that.)
YC: Legs (Naturally since you bow when greeting someone) (Hmm agree ^^)
JS: The overall atmosphere

42. If you had a kid, what kind of ‘dad’ will you be?
YH: A dad who’s like a friend
CM: I want to be a dad who’s like my dad
JJ: A tolerant dad (Short and sweet.)
YC: A dad who would participate actively in my kid’s sports day (I can imagine that!)
JS: A dad who’s like a friend

43. What’s something you have to do without fail every day?
YH: Celebrate
CM: Game
JJ: Half- bathing (I don't really get what you mean?)
YC: Watch [Detective Conan] (Yep caught you now, otaku Yoo Chun ^^)
JS: Talk to my brother on the phone

44. If you could turn back time, where do you want to go back to?
YH: High school
CM: High School
JJ: Middle school (Why? What's so special?)
YC: Elementary school (Childhood right? Understandable...)
JS: I don’t want to turn back time. The present is good!

45. What do you want to happen tomorrow?
YH: That our schedules will be cancelled and we’ll have a break
CM: That I’ll quickly recover from my cold
JJ: Win the lottery (Do you always buy them or only tomorrow?)
YC: I want it to snow (I understand too, 'cause it's feb aka spring now ^^)
JS: Turn invisible!

46. What will you be doing 10 years from now?
YH: Continue making music
CM: Continue making music and preparing for my wedding
JJ: Together with THSK (Of course!)
YC: The same thing as I’m doing now (Wait, you're doing the interview now right?)
JS: Singing on stage

47. What kind of year will 2009 be?
YH: A year where we’ll have lots of things to smile about
CM: A year where we’ll be able to carry out our activities without falling sick
JJ: A year busier than 2008 (Of course of course!)
YC: The best year (Yeah, that's the way.)
JS: A year where we’ll all be healthy!

48. If you became the editor of [What’s In?]
YH: Only report about THSK!
CM: THSK’s tour around the world
JJ: Half of the magazine will be THSK (Hahaha ^^)
YC: Have a barbecue with all the staff and artistes! (Hmm...)
JS: Have a [Globe-trotting with THSK] corner

49. A message to our readers
YH: Please support us in 2009 too
CM: Good luck!
JJ: To the readers, I’m always grateful to you (I am too!)
YC: Take care of yourself, don’t catch a cold! (Thanks, you too ^^)
JS: Thank you for always reading this magazine

50. A message to [What’s In]
YH: Thank you [What’s In] for always reporting on THSK from the very first time we arrived in Japan till today
CM: Please take care of us in future!
JJ: Although I feel like we’re indebted to [What’s In] since our debut days, please help us in future!! We’ll work hard (Yeah DBSK hwaiting!)
YC: Please take care of us in future. The cover too. (Of course not to forget the cover ^^)
JS: Amongst all the magazines in Japan, [What’s In] was the first that ran a series on us. I was really happy. Please help us in future


By the way, this is a list of qualities for Jae Joong's ideal girl.
I shall do a check list here T_T

[ ] ∞Someone whom leaves a good first impression on him
(I don't even have the chance to meet him, so of course no.)

[ ] ∞Love to flirt in a cute way
(I don't even have flirting skills, yep no too.)

[x] ∞Good wife and good mother material
(My classmate used to say I have, let me tick this one yah.)

[x] ∞Adorable
(My parents said that before, so of course ^^)

[x] ∞Filial
(Can I assume on this one...)

[x] ∞Has inner beauty
(A few people said that; tick!)

[x] ∞Petite
(Yes, at my pathetic 1.6m height.)

[ ] ∞Good at doing household chores
(Hmm mum is going to kill me. But those can be learnt.)

[x] ∞Understanding
(I agree on this ^^)

[x] ∞A feminine woman
(The same classmate said that too, hehe.)

[x] ∞Kind-hearted
(That's probably all I have.)

[ ] ∞Makes people feel at ease around her
(No on this one.)

[ ] ∞Has both beautiful toes and finger nails
(Vaguely on the fingernails, and definitely not on the toes.)

[ ] ∞Solid calfs
(Hehe no, 'cause I have deficiency of 'meat'.)

8/14. A pass.
I am not hoping for anything.


+++ I am also working on my new fanfiction!
I've used many hours to come up with the poster myself. :)
It's featuring Jae Joong and a fictional character of mine (which is indirectly me =P).

Saturday, June 13, 2009

How does it feel like being an outcast?

Now it's finally my turn...
How will I fare?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why do they have so similar names?

金在中 VS. 金贤重

Both born in 1986; one born on 26 January, the other on 6 June.
How can there be so much similarities?

Sigh. My dearest Hero Jaejoong has a rival now...
I saw a thread in the forums about them; the either or question.
But if you were to ask me who I'd choose,
of course it's got to be dear Hero Jaejoong =D

But now, people may choose to prefer HyunJoong over JaeJoong.
It's unfair though, because JaeJoong didn't act in popular dramas.
HyunJoong was starred in Boys Over Flowers,
and that alone gained him countless fans.
If only Hero Jaejoong acted in one too...

Nonetheless, I support Hero Jaejoong forever <3
Hero Jaejoong is still the number one in my heart!
永远支持你! 加油!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

If I don't go to Hell, then who's going to Hell?

The prelude was a bad beginning.
Well here comes the next.
Humans are always self before others;
thus I choose to give up rather than place fat hopes on them.

A crisis disperses all men except the idiots.
Hesitant to count myself as lucky,
I still choose to take the rocky route;
for it calms the burning conscience in my heart,
and hopefully create another route of miracle - to the sky.

I don't really know how politics works.
But I know for sure - as long as you are naught,
you are naught of all possible sabotages.
So let me be naught and free myself.
Return me my freedom will you,
for I have chose not to take the Sunshine Street.

Even if I have to give up my position, even if I have to become the scapegoat;
I beg you all to please, with earnest sincerity - LET ME GO.
Even if I have to die, even if I have to go to Hell not of my punishment;
it's okay with me.

Just, let me go. Okay?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Start.

If you are starting;
don't worry about being right or wrong.
As long as you start,
it is already right.